We all know how important it is to instill an interest in learning in children, especially now, when the entertainment industry offers so many ways of enjoyable, but mostly futile, ways of spending our free time. The important thing to remember is that forcing kids to do things never works. More than that, trying to impose on children something they do not enjoy might actually backfire in the future. So, what you really need to do as a parent is to light that tiny spark of interest and support it in your children as it gradually becomes stronger. A great way to light up a child's interest in science and discovering the world around us is giving them appropriate instruments for their future research - microscopes and telescopes. You may be thinking that such instruments are too difficult for a child to handle. Luckily, modern microscopes and telescopes for children are created to be easy (and fun!) to use, but at the same time give your kid all required skills and - what's even more important - the desire to learn and explore.As both telescopes and microscopes are too much to wrap up in one article, in this overview we will start with microscopes. So let's see what the market has to make the learning process interesting and fun. In our short article we will review some of the most popular brands and models that, in our opinion, are worth buying. But if you are up for more thorough independent research, check the following names: Thames and Kosmos (TK2), Celestron, Dino-Lite, and MicroPro. Also, let us mention that all microscopes we selected for this article are real instruments (not just toys!) with high-quality glass optics, although looking for a kids' microscope online by yourself, you might occasionally find simple toys that are nowhere near real microscopes.