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In accordance with provisions on a distance agreement, the consumer* shall be entitled to return goods which have been purchased at the online store, subsidiary of the company SIA "Levenhuk Baltic", within 14 days from receipt moment of the product; however, the consumer shall also be held reliable for diminishing of the product value in case it has been used for other purpose than its intended purpose in order to find out the product characteristics, features and operations.

in other words, within the return period, the consumer shall be entitled to the following:

  • use the goods only as much as necessary for examination of the goods (in the same extent it could be done before buying the product in a standard store);
  • the consumer shall be responsible for using the product that has been carried out beyond the scope of inspecting the product for inspection purposes, and usage which is incompatible with the principle of good faith;
  • the consumer shall be responsible for reductions in value, quality and safety of the product.

The company SIA "Levenhuk Baltic" reserves the right to bring action against a consumer in a civil court in order to recover losses caused by a decrease in the value, quality and safety of the product, including in cases where the product is not returned in its original packaging; or if the product displays traces of careless usage, such as scratches or similar defects. 

In order to exercise the rights of withdrawal, please inform us of your decision by filling in the withdrawal form, and deliver it personally, or by courier to the company SIA "Levenhuk Baltic": address Senču iela 2, Rīga, LV-1012 , phone No.:+371 27013333.

Products to be returned shall be delivered at the company SIA "Levenhuk Baltic" (address: Senču iela 2, Rīga, LV-1012 ) without delay within 14 days starting from the day when the decision on returning the product is being notified. 

  • The consumer shall be held responsible for maintaining the quality and safety of the product in its return period (this refers to complete and impeccable maintenance of packaging). 
  • When the product can be familiarised with only by breaking, or by otherwise damaging the original packaging of the product, the damage to the packaging shall not taken as a basis for raising a civil claim against the consumer. In the case of damaging the product packaging described above, we strongly require the consumer to keep the package and return it with the product as the serial number of the product is indicated on the packaging. In order to facilitate exercising the right of withdrawal, please open the packaging for this type of product as carefully as possible.
  • The returned item shall be full and complete (i. e., with all the accessories contained in the package, such as cables, etc.).
  • If the product was purchased during a campaign along with another product, please return all the products.
In the event of exercising the rights of withdrawal, the amount paid for the product will be returned to consumer's transaction account within 14 days of the date of receipt of the notice of withdrawal.

* Consumer is a natural person who expresses a wish to purchase, or purchases, or could purchase a product or service for a purpose which is not related to his economic or professional activity.
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