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Regarding cookies

Regarding cookies

In order to customise functionality of the online store to each and every user's usage habits, and in order to acquire statistics about operations carried out by the user, online store utilises cookies

Cookies contain information that the internet browser software (such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari) attains and stores at the moment the user accesses online store Said operation is required so that, at the visit of the online store, the internet browser software would recall user's operations and carry out part of them on user's behalf. This refers to, for instance, selecting the browsing language of the online store 

By using the online store, the user acknowledges the use of cookies. Without the use of cookies, the online store is not able to ensure complete utilisation of all functions; however, the user holds the right to limit usage of cookies by adjusting cookie settings in the used browser software. Please refer below for online site which might help in accomplishing the said task:

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