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Warranty EE

1. All products sold by have manufacturer's warranty.

2. Service maintenance and repairs for all products sold by is provided in accordance with requirements of the Act on Consumer Rights Protection of The Estonia. The consumer shall be entitled to file a claim for non-compliance with the terms of the contract within two years of purchase.

3. The manufacturer's warranty term for the products may vary, data on the manufacturer's warranty period for the item in question can be found in the product description or filing a request to e-mail address:, or by filing such request to phone: +371 27013333 or +371 23003317.

4. Prior to commencing usage of the purchased item, the user is required to read the instructions for use of the product carefully, and then use the product only in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, according to characteristics of the product and its intended use.

5. In order to receive service repairs or maintenance, the use is required to retain and present a proof of purchase, as well as to deliver the product to an authorized service centre of the manufacturer or distributor, or to the service centre of the online shop

6. We hereby notify that life-time warranty provisions of the brand Levenhuk do not cover additional equipment of the purchased product (such as product accessories), power modules (such as batteries and chargeable batteries), bulbs (such as LED diodes, or halogen or energy saving bulbs), and accessories which have a limited life-span (such as fuses) and other electric equipment.

7. We hereby point out that provisions of the Act on Consumer Rights Protection of The Estonia do not apply to cases when a product is purchased by a legal person.

The manufacturer's warranty does not apply to damage caused by the fault of the buyer or user, including the following cases:

1. The product or the article shows traces of unqualified repairs: the manufacturer's warranty seal and/or serial number of the product has been found to be damaged, an inappropriate (or not prescribed by the user's manual) breach into the product has been found, and/or the customer has attempted to remedy the damage by his/her own means;

2. The product or the article has not been used for its intended purpose and is not used as specified in the product's usage instructions;

3. The detected damage points to improper use of the product: its structures are scratched and/or broken, water has been poured into improper locations, the product has been improperly handled, unauthorized items are found in the product, such as insect infiltration inside the product, etc.;

4. Damage is caused by inadequate voltage, telecommunication or cable network errors which do not comply with the manufacturer's parameters, or due to rapid temperature fluctuations and other household and external factors such as soot, smoke, dust, humidity, etc.;

5. Natural wear-and-tear of elements has occurred;

6. Non-standard power supply units, accessories or parts have been used with the product, which are non-certified by the manufacturer to be used with the specific product, and such usage has caused damage of the said product;

7. The product has been used for manufacturing or professional purposes (in case the specific product has not been intended for such purposes);

8. Damages have been caused by wrong-full transportation of the product;

9. Scheduled service maintenance has not been carried out for the product (refers to products requiring such maintenance).

In case quality of the product does not conform to the indicated quality, or if the product has failed, the buyer has the following rights in accordance with the requirements of the Act on Consumer Rights Protection of The Estonia:

1. Visit the service centre indicated in the manufacturer's or reseller's warranty passport, and present a proof of purchase document (purchase receipt) and the warranty passport. This solution is recommended as the fastest type of solving a problem;

2. Contact employees of the online store by e-mail:, or by calling: +371 27013333 or +371 23003317.

The Buyer's claim shall be processed within seven business days from the date of receipt of the claim by sending a reply to the address indicated in the request. If the claim is found to be unfounded and the buyer disagrees, he or she has the right to exercise other rights specified in regulatory enactments.

In case if the warranty service repairs or maintenance are invalid, yet the buyer refuses to pay for the repair, the buyer has to pay for the costs of diagnostics, as a result the buyer receives the service centre's conclusion on the detected damages. In case the buyer agrees to costs of the repair, the costs of diagnostics do not need to be covered.

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