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Privacy policy of the online store

1. Company SIA "Levenhuk Baltic" has taken all necessary measures to ensure the security of personal data of users of the online store (hereinafter referred to as User), to prevent unjustified access to such data by third parties.

2. User)

3. During using and visiting the online store, the Company SIA "Levenhuk Baltic" may receive information which contains personal data of the User:

2.1.  directly (name, surname, phone number, e-mail address, delivery address);

2.2. indirectly (by using cookies, IP addresses and other technical means in order to monitor usage of the online store

2.2.1. Cookies are small text files that provide information on how often the User visits the online store and what exactly the User does during such sessions. Additional cookies help to customise functionality of the online store according to the usage habits of the User. Cookies do not contain data pertaining to personal identity, however, in case the User him/her-self provides such data, such data may be combined with the data contained in the cookie. The Company SIA "Levenhuk Baltic" may place cookies within internet browsing software of Users.

2.2.2. IP address is a set of numbers which is assigned automatically to a computer every time the User enters the online store– using such IP address, it is possible to automatically identify computer of the User. Company SIA "Levenhuk Baltic":  may collect IP addresses in administrative and auditing purposes of the online store; does not have the aim to add IP address of the User to the information which could be used to identify his/her personality, which implies that each and every session of the User is being registered, whereas the User him/her-self remains anonymous; may utilise IP addresses with the aim to identify the User in situations where it is necessary to ensure compliance of his behaviour to usage terms and conditions of the online store, or in order to defend the online store or other Users.   

2.2.3. Company SIA "Levenhuk Baltic" also collects other data which cannot be referenced to a specific person (data on sex, age, language, location) and which are collected solely for statistical purposes.

4. Upon purchase, at the online store, its offered goods and services, the User acknowledges and allows the Company SIA "Levenhuk Baltic" to register, record, store, order, systematise, use and process, in any way, personal data of the User, as well as data which the User may in future provide to the Company SIA "Levenhuk Baltic" in the scope and amount it is necessary for such purposes:

3.1. processing of data follows the User's orders, contractual obligations; in other cases processing the data may be necessary in order to conclude a respective transaction or contract;

3.2. data are necessary in order to identify and account the User;

3.3. data are necessary in order to dispatch commercial messages (e-mail and/or text messages);

3.4. data are necessary in order to ensure performance of other liabilities following the respectively concluded transactions or contracts;

3.5. data are necessary in order to process the User's applications for purchase of goods and payment in instalments.

5. User's personal data are processed and protected by the Company SIA "Levenhuk Baltic" pursuant to requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act of The Estonia, as well as other legal enactments of The Estonia regulating processing and protection of personal data. In its processing and storage of the Users' personal data, the Company SIA "Levenhuk Baltic" utilises organisational and technical means which ensure protection of personal data against accidental or unlawful detection, alteration or any other unlawful processing. 

6. Access to the information entrusted by the Users can only be gained by employees of the Company SIA "Levenhuk Baltic" which are specifically been authorised. The Company SIA "Levenhuk Baltic" ensures non-proliferation of Users' personal data to third parties in the extent stipulated by requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act of The Estonia as well as other legal enactments of The Estonia regulating processing and protection of personal data, except:

5.1. proliferation of personal data to partners of the Company SIA "Levenhuk Baltic" which ensure delivery of the goods purchased in the online store, as well as their financing and provision of services in the amount the data are necessary to perform the required contractual obligations;

5.2. cases where the disclosure of personal data is necessary to identify, detect or initiate legal actions against a person who may cause any harm to another person or the Company SIA "Levenhuk Baltic", by threatening its rights, property or operation, or when such or similar risk is projected towards other Users of the online store, and/or other persons;

5.3. cases where this should be done taking into account regulatory requirements or requirements of competent authorities.

7. The Company SIA "Levenhuk Baltic" takes all possible protective measures, but it cannot fully guarantee that there will be no loss of data, their malicious abuse or alteration.

8. The User shall retain the right to request that his/her personal data be supplemented or corrected, and that their processing is terminated, or they be destroyed if the personal data are incomplete, outdated, false or no longer necessary for the purposes of their collection. Likewise, the User may at any time delete his or her data from the target group list if the product, event and news information is no longer desired. In light of all of the above, the User may him/her-self amend the entered data, or delete them in his/her user's account, or notify the Company SIA "Levenhuk Baltic" by using the e-mail address:  

9. The User, after having submitted a written request, shall be entitled to receive the following information on: 

8.1. which data on the User have been attained, data source, time-stamp of amendments of the information included in the data (if prescribed by the respective legislation);

8.2. which aim processing of the personal data was carried out for, and what the data are regarding receivers of the personal data;

8.3. data on whether or not the data have been processed automatically.

10. Users' personal data will be stored for no longer than required by the relevant regulatory enactments. 

11. Upon entrusting his/her personal data and/or other personal information, the User acknowledges that privacy policy provisions of the online store are binding for him/her, and acknowledges that the Company SIA "Levenhuk Baltic" shall have the right to use the said data in the cases and extent defined by the privacy policy of the online store

12. Provisions of the privacy policy of the online store may be renewed at any time, which is why the Users are urged to familiarise with them on a regular basis.

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